Greetings from the front lines of Network Entertainment, and thank you for taking a moment to check out our first investor communication under our new platform, which we are excited to share with you.


This communication is designed to provide you with an overview on Network, further introduce you to our management team and our board, and share with you a sampling of the attention our slate of productions regularly garners from both traditional and entertainment media.


Our plan is to communicate regularly with you going forward to best ensure you are well informed on the business of Network Entertainment, as well the broader picture of the U.S. and global entertainment marketplace in which we operate, and in which we have established our work and our brand. Among other material, we will be sending you our news releases, trade media in the form of articles and links that we have earned, and the trailers for our various productions that we produce and release globally.


The purpose of these regular investor communications is threefold. First, with your support, we have built a world class company that produces premium content that is embraced and coveted by the world’s most recognizable global broadcasters, streaming services and distributors. We want to start sharing that information with you more fully, beyond our press releases and other communiques, so that you will have a much more informed perspective on the company we have built together.


Secondly, our entire team has tirelessly dedicated its time, energy, and resources on not only successfully producing premium content, but we are laser focused on building on that success to create the momentum required to build a highly successful and scalable enterprise. With that momentum in full swing, we will be sharing all of the important ongoing developments that are foundational to architecting our future.


Lastly, our team has a lot of pride in what we do every day at Network, and this communication allows us to share that pride with you each step of the way.


We appreciate you spending the time to update yourself further on Network, and we truly appreciate your support and trust to date. Our ongoing pledge to you is to consistently work at the highest level to continue to earn the commitment you’ve made to us by building Network into a successful company we can all be proud of.


Kind regards,


Derik Murray

Founder / CEO Network